Top Notch - these guys know their business and they are professional and discreet.  Our case involved small children in a household and they took extra time/care to apprehend when they were certain the children would not be in harm's way.  I would highly recommend them.
-Brett F.


I was very pleasantly surprised with how efficiently So Cal Fugitive Recovery worked for my bail company. I sought their help not knowing what to expect, and they ended up being very professional, and successful in helping me locate a skip. As an added bonus they did it quicker than what they promised! They definitely exceeded my expectations, and I will be using them again. I cannot recommend them enough!!
-Lorena C.


My law office has used SoCal Fugitive Recovery on several cases locating hard to find people with great success. I highly recommend this company and its Agents, they are very professional.
-John F.


Thank You So Much !!!!  You guys are Great and very professional.
-G Marshall


Fast and a professional group. My client utilized So Cal Fugitive Recovery and Security Service for several surveillance operation with positive results. I would highly recommended them.
-Mohammed N.


They do a great and thorough job. I am appreciative of everything they have done for us. Thank You!!
-Rocco E.


Extremely professional employees who get the job done and are thorough.
-Brandi H.


SoCal Fugitive Recovery did an incredible job on a difficult fugitive recovery situation. LAPD and LA County Sheriff would not take our fugitive because of health issues so he was taken to the hospital. They put an ankle bracelet on him and sure enough he was recaptured the next day while trying to walk out of the hospital. Quick thinking by the team saved $55,000.00 right before the 1 year extension period ended.
-John S.


So Cal Recovery, Yousuf in particular is my "ace in the hole" and he and his team are very reliable. I am happy to recommend his services and have in many occasions with much success.
-Chris C.



Yousuf with SoCal Fugitive Recovery is second to none! We have used his services on pick ups on behalf of bail agents several times. Each and every time, Yousuf gets his team on the road and without fail all offenders were hooked and booked within an hour of calling. It is nice to see that someone other than us treats your case with urgency. Highly recommend to any and all bail agencies.
-Petra F.